InLine4You® is an app that connects users to professional line-sitters known as Spotters, who, for a fee, will save you precious time.

We do the wait for you!

Locate a Spotter

InLine4You® provides convenience and creates meaningful opportunities in ways that save you time and provide value.

With a simple click, begin the process of locating a Professional Line Spotter using the InLine4You® app. Pay people to wait in line for you!

Locate a Hopper

Are you a Spotter? Download the InLine4You® app to locate a Hopper—Get paid while you wait in line for them!

InLine4You® has even been featured, used or requested in the following events:

Comic Con San Diego

Hamilton Musical

Ticket Cancellation Line

Central Casting Burbank CA

Stand In Line

To deliver documents for a house sale

iPhone Releases

Beer Releases

Black Friday

Las Vegas Def Con Conference

Nike Shoe Release

Bluebird Cafe Nashville TN

Concert Tickets

Red Butte Gardens

Outdoor Concerts

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting

Shark Tank

Waiting for a wristband to then audition

Galatoires Restaurant New Orleans

General Admission Concert Seating

Clothing Releases

Skip the Wait

The InLine4You® app is perfect for opportunities like concerts, Broadway shows, sporting events, product releases, casting calls, & so on.

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InLine4You® has even been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business.

“Paying someone to stand in line is probably what I would do”
—Warren Buffet