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InLine4You® is an app that connects users to professional line-sitters known as Spotters, who, for a fee, will save you precious time.

We do the wait for you!

Locate a Spotter

InLine4You® provides convenience and creates meaningful opportunities in ways that save you time and provide value.

With a simple click, begin the process of locating a Professional Line Spotter using the InLine4You® app. Pay people to wait in line for you!

Locate a Hopper

Are you a Spotter? Download the InLine4You® app to locate a Hopper—Get paid while you wait in line for them!

Skip the Wait

The InLine4You® app is perfect for opportunities like concerts, Broadway shows, sporting events, product releases, casting calls, & so on.

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InLine4You® has even been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business.

“Paying someone to stand in line is probably what I would do”
—Warren Buffet